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PG2 release 0.1.12

Soft delete

PG2 release 0.1.11: HugSQL support

PG2 release 0.1.9: arrays

PG2 release 0.1.6: rich JSON capabilities

PG2 release 0.1.5: Migrations

PG2 release 0.1.4: HoneySQL API and shortcuts

PG2 release 0.1.3: Next.JDBC-compatible API

PG2 release 0.1.2: more performance, benchmarks, part 3

PG2 benchmarks, part 2

PG2 early announce and benchmarks, part 1

PG docs, part 8. HoneySQL

PG docs, part 7. COPY IN/FROM

PG docs, part 6. SSL

PG docs, part 5. Notifications

PG docs, part 4. Arrays

PG docs, part 3

PG docs, part 2

PG docs, part 1

PG: Postgres-related libraries for Clojure

Migration from Postgres to Datomic