I’ve got very interesting links today (most of them relate to Clojure and FP):

  • Fourteen Months with Clojure

    Building a server application with Clojure is a better experience than with many compiled languages, because as with any Lisp, you can just hotpatch everything in the REPL as you build it.

  • Changes I would make to Go

    In its current form, I prefer not to use Go. It is not that Go is bad - it is just that there are lots of languages available that I find more enjoyable. When I work with Go I cannot help thinking about how I could be doing things differently in another language.

  • Comparing Reagent To React.Js And Vue.Js For Dynamic Tabular Data

    ClojureScript version has a lot less syntactic noise, and I find this has direct impact on my ability to reason about the code. The more quirks there are, the more likely I am to misread the intent.

  • Why Functional Programming Matters

    23-pages academical paper that I’m going to read someday.