Being listening to Cognicast, a series of Clojure-related podcasts, I’ve found a funny thing. Not sure if anybody has ever mentioned it before across the Internet. Each podcast starts with a jingle sound that follows right after announcements and a long pause. And in the end, there is also another weird sound that finishes the issue.

Those two sounds are borrowed from the Gauntlet 4 video game. It is a great fantasy game where one of the four characters travels through mazes full of monsters to encounter a dragon at the end. I’ve played this game on Sega Mega Drive (Sega Genesis in the US) for a long time being a kid.

This is the first sound. It appears when a hero picks up a key:

And this is the second when a hero goes through a portal:

I may guess there is a hidden message here: before entering a podcast, you pick up a key. And finally, you exit from a maze with the victory.

The idea of that came to me when I found myself singing a musical theme from the game right after the podcast has finished. I’m not sure if I’m right, but this one is really a great message. Thanks to those guys who are responsible for audio production.

Bonus: listen to the soundtrack. I hardly can imagine it was written using primitive 8-bit midi-driver.